A Budding Success by C. Cervantes and C. Restivo


The Legal Marijuana “Green Rush” continues to evolve as one of the most lucrative emergent markets in the US—but taking advantage of this opportunity isn’t something to be considered lightly.

If you aren’t careful, there are plenty of potential pitfalls and forks in the road… but you can avoid these costly problems with A Budding Success by C. Cervantes and C. Restivo

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The Ultimate Guide to Planning, Launching and Managing a Lucrative Legal Marijuana Business.

In these pages, you’ll find first-hand expert guidance that carries you through every angle of planning, launching, and running your business, including help with:

  • Defining your budget, location, and business plan, so you can start-and continue-as strongly as possible.
  • Protecting yourself by understanding city, county, state, and federal laws, thus making money without worrying about crackdowns.
  • Becoming self-employed and making wise investment decisions that grow your business… and your empire.
  • Choosing the right kind of marijuana business opportunity for you-medical or recreational, from dispensing to growing, extraction, delivery, edibles, and beyond.
  • Implementing the best security measures in order to protect your latest ventures. -Smoothly incorporating the right kind of legal entity, so you don’t face any nasty regulatory surprises.
  • Finance and accounting-from wages to taxes, collective reimbursements, and more.
  • Advertising and marketing-your obligations, and winning tactics for quick expansion.
  • Sourcing, growing, pricing and tracking your stock. … and more!

With this fully comprehensive guide, you will be prepared to slide in on the ground floor of one of America’s most revolutionary industries.

Expert author, entrepreneur, and business consultant Charles Restivo, alongside marijuana mastermind and dispensary operator Cory Cervantes, will walk you step by step through the process of growing your legal and medical marijuana investment from the seeds of a business plan right into… A budding success.

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