California Cannabis Laws and Regulations 2020 (Cannabis Codes of California)


This book is indispensable for everyone who needs to understand the rules of the cannabis game in the Golden State.In this book, updated for 2020, you’ll find: A carefully curated compendium designed to give the reader a deep understanding of the laws and regulations which govern cannabis and hemp in California A Table of Contents with detailed section descriptors Charts of California cannabis license types A handy Index for ease of reference.


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Every person who is trying like us to survive and thrive in the world of cannabis business needs to have this book on hand. Thanks.

– Nikki and Swami of Swami Select

From the Author

One cannot win the game unless one knows the rules. – Omar Figueroa

About the Author

Omar Figueroa is a renowned cannabis lawyer who has been providing legal counsel and representation to members of California’s cannabis industry for more than two decades. Omar entered the cannabis industry as a freedom defense lawyer in 1998, and has successfully defended hundreds of peaceful individuals facing incarceration for cannabis-related crimes. With the transformation of cannabis law in recent years, Omar founded a pre-eminent law firm focused on cannabis licensing, regulatory compliance, and intellectual property. Omar graduated from Yale College, Stanford Law School, and the Trial Lawyers College. Omar is a Founding Lifetime Member of the International Cannabis Bar Association who has been bestowed the Distinguished Counsel’s Award by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Known as a lawyer’s lawyer, Omar frequently teaches Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses to attorneys.

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