Cannabis Grow Handbook by May Smith


Every cannabis cultivation method is unique and results will be different for every farmer. It is necessary to continually research for better ways of improving on the farming method a grower chooses as well as crop yields.

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This book has offered you an essential insight into growing cannabis but, a lot of information is available online and at local libraries.

There is countless cannabis growing blogs, websites, and forums where growers interact to share their experiences. It is also necessary to look for local farmers, observe their techniques and exchange information.

Different localities offer different advantages and challenges that the residents are familiar with. As mentioned earlier on, every grower will need to check and comply with the laws governing cannabis use and cultivation in their area before embarking on a cannabis growing project.

Growing cannabis legally poses a huge risk to the grower. The process of growing your own cannabis can be exciting and rewarding. Once you grow the first one, even if it is only one plant, from seed to harvest, subsequent ones will become easier as you build on your previous experience to cultivate better yields.

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