Cannabidiol Isolate (Derived from Hemp)

CBD isolate is cannabidiol in its purest form, extracted from organic hemp amd transformed into a fine white powder that is over 99% pure.



Cannabidiol isolate is sourced only and strictly from organically grown hemp plants. Utilizing proprietary methods, our state-of-the-art technology strips the plant material of all other compounds, leaving behind a highly-pure hemp extract. To further refine the extract, it will undergo a process of winterization for the removal of excess waxes, residuals, fats, and any other unwanted components. It then undergoes decarboxylation using heat to activate the raw cannabidiol. The end result is a white, odorless, and flavorless (crystalline) powder that is up to 99%+ pure.

Always natural and never synthetic, every batch of pure cannabidiol is third-party lab-tested to ensure purity, safety, and that our product is always free of THC, heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides.

How cannabidiol isolate can be used

Using isolate is in many ways, the same as more traditional forms of cannabis consumption. In other ways, it’s completely different. One thing that’s certain is that cannabidiol isolate is versatile and gives consumers the opportunity to create their own products. This also means full control over dosage for products and a more personalized experience.

Because it cannot simply be consumed as it is, it can also be used to create tincture, balms, edibles and vape juice. The possibilities that manufacturer can do with this ingredient are literally endless.


One of the most obvious things to do with CBD isolate is to make CBD edibles! With dispensary-bought edibles, consumers often have to compromise by consuming a lot of sugar or edibles that simply have no nutritional value other than their CBD content. Being able to make your own CBD edibles at home gives you the ultimate control over dose and ingredients in the edible itself.

CBD is soluble in fats, meaning you will first have to dissolve it in butter or coconut oil (or some other fatty base) before using it in cooking. You can then use that butter or coconut oil in your recipe. For example, if making brownies, simply melt the butter, add the desired amount of CBD isolate, and then use that butter to make brownies!


The most common way to consume CBD is sublingually or dropped under the tongue. You can easily dissolve CBD isolate into a carrier oil or alcohol and drop it under your tongue. There’s no need for steeping or extraction. The tincture can literally be prepared in minutes, whereby you simply dissolve the entire dose of CBD into your solvent. If you would like a 1000mg bottle of CBD tincture, simply dissolve 1000mg (1g) CBD isolate into your chosen solvent. You can do this to any dosage you like.

Most people use a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil as the carrier. But there are many other options, depending on preferences. Alcohol will keep the longest, but may not be preferred by some for health or religious reasons, in which case an oil or glycerin can be used. You can also add other extracts to your tincture such as terpenes or other botanicals like turmeric and black pepper.

CBD capsules

If you prefer to swallow CBD rather than take it sublingually, you can make CBD capsules. Aain, you’ll need a carrier oil in which to dissolve CBD isolate. The best choice of carrier is MCT oil (otherwise known as medium-chain triglycerides), most often extracted from coconut oil. And of course, you will need to purchase some veggie capsules, which you can buy from any pharmacy or health food store.

Once you have decided the dose of CBD you would like in each capsule, multiply that by the number of capsules you have. Dissolve it in MCT oil, and distribute the MCT oil accordingly to all of the capsules. Now you’ve got perfectly dosed CBD capsules!

Topical treatment

You can easily use CBD isolate to make a topical treatment or lotion. It follows the exact same principle as making capsules or tincture, where you’ll need to dissolve CBD isolate into a fatty base. There are hundreds of recipes online for balms and lotions. You can simply use any of these recipes and dissolve CBD into the fatty base, turning a simple cosmetic product into a fully fledged remedial topical. You can add things such as arnica, which is used to treat bruises or comfrey which is used to treat broken bones.

Vape juice

Making CBD vape juice is arguably one of the easiest and most effective things you can do with CBD isolate. It can literally be as easy as weighing out your desired dose and dissolving it into the vape juice you already use. If you’re a little more adventurous, you can make your own vape juice from scratch.

Sublingual dosing

Finally, if you just want the easiest route, you can simply drop CBD isolate under your tongue. It’s tasteless, so there’s no threat of irritating a sensitive palate. Plus, it’s easily absorbed through the aqueous tissue under the tongue. Next to inhalation, sublingual application is one of the easiest ways for the body to absorb CBD, as not much of it is lost to metabolic processes.

All of this can be done with CBD isolate. This is why it is so extremely versatile. It can be seen as a base ingredient that can be used in an infinitude of consumable and non-consumable products.

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