EZ Homegrown Marijuana Growing Guide


This video series is designed to help the medicinal marijuana patient grow their own Top Shelf Marijuana for under $100. The guide is separated into four video sections.

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The first is Security and Setup – The EZ Grow System uses a confined area to grow in and this section will help the user setup their grow area and make it secure. The Second video is all about growing marijuana from seeds. It takes the novice grower from seed selection all the way to determining the sex of their plants. The third section of the video is dedicated to bending and flowering the plant, to maximize the quantity and quality of buds while minimizing space requirements. Last but never least is the harvesting, trimming and curing video. This takes the grower from when to cut their plants, to trimming the plants for flavor to curing them for sweetness and storage. EZ McWeederson has been growing top shelf marijuana for over 30 years and has designed this program to take the novice grower through the marijuana growing process, and to possibly teach more seasoned growers a new tip or trick. “Anybody can grow a weed, but EZ is going to show you how to grow top shelf marijuana” EZ McWeederson. Bonus: The Cloning Video – How to make ’em, How to grow ’em.

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