How to Grow Marijuana Indoors in a Small Space


Are you tired of buying your cannabis for a huge markup? Then it’s time to grow your own cannabis! You can do so by following these simple steps to making your own cannabis from home.

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This book will help you to grow your own cannabis at home, even if you have a small place available!

Take a quick look at the contents of this book:

About the plant: we take a look at the plant itself. This includes benefits, the life cycle and the difference between male and female marijuana plants.

Shopping List: What do you need to have in order to grow your own plants at home?

Well i can say it to you now: you don’t need much! You will need seeds, a grow tent, lights and some odor control tablets.

The process: What is the actual process of growing these plants in your own home? We will discuss this from ordering cannabis seeds to harvesting your marijuana.

Plant health: We go over the problems you can potentially come across when growing your own weed. this chapter is all about: pest control, fertilizing, watering, controlling the temperature, lights, light reflection and ventilation.

Extra: you get some extra information on hiding your plants from the outside world and how to clone your marijuana plants for more profit. Take a quick look at the contents of this book to get a grip on what kind of topics we will discuss.

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