The Ultimate Medical Marijuana Strain Reference and Growin Guide for Pain Relief


Nearly everyone is now aware that Marijuana has significant medical value. If you are considering growing, this is essential and, again, a must have Book.
This work represents over two years of research reading nearly every book on the subject of Medical Marijuana and visiting hundreds of on-line sites on the topic.


Indeed, many conditions will actually be exacerbated by some strains!
For instance, most people think, “Pot makes you hungry” – and while a majority of strains are excellent for people needing to gain weight, there are actually several strains that SURPRESS appetite!
Another blatant example is anxiety – while there are many strains that dramatically decrease anxiety, there are many, many others that worsen it! This is true down the line with most conditions.

The largest number of conditions I ever found listed in once cite was 30! This book lists over 120 Conditions cross referenced with over 500 different Strains. With each strain, to the extent the information is available ANYWHERE you are informed of its type (Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica – or in the case of hybrids {most strains are hybrids of the two} the percentage of each, the THC%, the CBD%, the parent strains, the original breeder, the taste, smell, any specific growing needs and characteristics, the flowering time (from 28 days from seed to harvest to up to 20 weeks of flowering (AFTER initial growth) and the expected bud weight at harvest (38 grams to over 9 Kilograms). Whether you have Arthritis, Migraines, Hyperhidrosis, Cancer (and all the problems with chemo.), PTSD or any one of the over 120 conditions listed (Including over 60 strains for sexual arousal alone) this is a MUST HAVE BOOK!

Additionally, if you are considering growing, this is essential and, again, a must have Book.

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