Water Soluble CBD Liquid

Our water-soluble CBD liquid is finely engineered in a liquid form using patented biochemical technology for increased bioavailability and absorption.



Water-soluble CBD is a nano encapsulated CBD liquid that contains 0% THC. lt is obtained from organically grown hemp using the best cultivation practices. To obtain our water-soluble CBD liquid, oil gets extracted from the plant material. In this format, a liposomal process using nanotechnology breaks down tiny particles in the oil into nanoparticles, which get coated in lipids and emulsified for improved solubility. This allows the oil to transform into a stable form that can be easily dissolved in an aqueous-based liquid. Such effectively increases the surface area of tiny nano-sized particles, which helps achieve a higher degree of absorption in the bloodstream with each dose.

As blood contains 80% water more soluble with smaller particles than with oil, our water-soluble CBD liquid allows a higher bioavailability of up to 100% due to the body being made up of mostly (more or less 60%) water. This added bioavailability allows consumers to receive the same benefits with a higher ingestion rate of cannabinoids, less product waste, and more accurate dosages that our competition can’t provide.

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